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“Chau, Beyond The Lines” Nominated for 2016 Academy Award

Chau+at+Hoc+Mon+Vocational+School+outside+Ho+Chi+Minh+CityFrom Variety: “The setting of Chau, Beyond the Lines is initially a small Peace Camp for children suffering birth defects caused by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. It’s tucked away in the back of a Ho Chi Min City maternity hospital and one of the kids is Chau, a boy who longs to be an artist. With stunted growth in his extremities imposing physical limitations, the process of painting is a struggle, but Chau’s passion is palpable. The film, which follows him over the course of a few years, showcases his struggle with inspiration, notes a culture of discouragement among the nurses in the hospital who think his dream is unrealistic and follows his efforts to ultimately achieve independence.”

Chau, Beyond the Lines has been nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary Short. Congratulations to Director/Editor/Producer Courtney Marsh and Producer Jerry Franck. Andrew Gersh was an editing and story consultant on the film. Read more here.

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