Andrew Gersh

Documentary Editor for the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond

RISING FROM RUIN: The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

From the CHICAGO TRIBUNE: “Three New Orleans families are followed in their post-Katrina journeys, which have been difficult, indeed.  Houses lost, jobs lost, families split up and businesses facing uncertain futures – these are just a few of the problems these three patient clans endure.  It’s easy to beat up on the cable-news channels for, in their day-to-day coverage, giving prominence to the travails of attractive white women or the rantings of spinmeisters of all stripes.  But this quietly moving special… shows that there are journalists creating solid, worthy fare at the cable channels.  Let us now give them credit where it’s due; “Rising” is an unobtrusively fine piece of work.”

Produced by Kelly Whalen for Ikana Media/MSNBC

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